v. 10 n. 21 (2013)

Following on the thoughts  that gave rise to the book Contributions of Brazilian postgraduate studies on sustainable development - Capes at Rio +20, in which it was possible to record the progress of Brazilian postgraduate programs on the subject of sustainable development,  the Revista Brasileira de Pós-Graduação devotes its 21st number to offering  a sample of these advances, presenting thirteen articles which seek to address the theme of sustainable development through debates, experiments and case studies, especially with respect to its transversal and interdisciplinary characteristics.


Publicado: 2014-09-25

The experience of PRODEMA in Brazilian postgraduate education: science for sustainability at UFC

Laudemira Silva Rabelo, Melca Silva Rabelo, George Sá Freire, Vládia Vidal Oliveira, Patrícia Pinheiro Lima

Postgraduate education and the sustainability of rainwater supply to riparian communities in the Amazon: from conception to action

Nircele Leal Veloso, Cristiane Costa Gonçalves, Ronaldo Rodrigues Mendes, Mario Vasconcellos Sobrinho, Tony Dias Costa, Dênio Carvalho Oliveira